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Our children today will not be able to understand us when we tell a great capture of the first platformers game, which launches with a special cartridge, called "Mario". Already games industry has come up with and created a lot more interesting and beautiful toys, but the popularity of this character still continues to grow. As a matter of fact that there is still so much to the exciting and interesting gameplay, which looks pretty simple for developers to create failed. That Mario game and prove that simplicity lies in the most perfect. Even powerful and coolest developers who create the most unique gaming masterpieces are not able to create a simple plumber similar to analog. Mario games to play for free today it has become possible even in the Internet. And offers to play the game online right through the roof. And even in today's world, this game finds its visitors. And the game easily draws its players and still has no serious competitors, who could oust the good old Mario on the last rows. In Mario can play online for free through the Internet browser. Just go to the site and download the toy, you do not need to perform any additional steps. By the way, note that if you meet the paid version of this online game, you should not load them, and the more disburse. Submit to on-on such a fake. Because play Mario online for free is possible only in the standard and classic game. But everything else is different hiking from this game. As for the modern development of flash games, then they basically grew up on this toy, because for them the creation of the Internet version of the online game network is a very important and special process. After all, just because the exact transfer of the game, without any additions is a matter of great responsibility. Mario games online are exactly the original gay plumbing forced to jump on the heads of the enemy, he collects coins and mushrooms. Here you will not meet any of zombies and various types of weapons, there are no additional effects. The main aim of the game is to rescue friends and no one else. All other goals and tasks do not correspond to the classic toy and therefore not so much in demand. A game you can always download to your child and do not worry that there will be use different undesirable elements of cruelty and brutal violence. Spend your free time, you can just for this game, it will lift your spirits and you will relax after a hard day's work.

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